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halloween happenings

Most halloweens I like to go on the local historic graveyard tour. This is a real hit or miss depending upon which guide you get., sorry to say. Still hoping to get the wonderful storyteller who is a little weak on the facts, but so entertaining.
I went to Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween weekend years ago. Too crowded with tourists to enjoy. Plus every block had a 'haunted house'. Feh.
I would like to visit Sleepy Hallow, NY some year. I just learned they do a huge "Pumpkin Blaze" in Hudson Valley. (same area.) Looks awesome cool. Must check youtube for footage.
I like the classics. Things I won't do for Halloween:
You know my policy on 'haunted houses'.
I won't do "real haunted houses" either. Do not taunt happy fun ball. Our graveyard is historic, not haunted.

While you're thinking of cool halloween-ish type stuff to share with me you can carve a pumpkin here --
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