alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

hurricane neighborhood

The storm was over, at last. Power lines down all over the state. No electricity. People came out of their houses. They walked because trees blocked many of the roads. Maybe you didn't yet dare to go too far from the safety of home. People walked alone and as families, checking out the damage and what still stands. They...talked. To each other. Strangers shared information. Shared smiles at surviving and grim looks at the work ahead and curious glances as you found out what your neighbors look like. People sat on their porches and watched the walkers. At night they gathered in groups on porches or by fires lit in the yard. Talk went from the storm to other things. Lots of laughter. I talked to a couple of my neighbors for the first time. It was an echo of times past when people lived in neighborhoods and not houses. It was...weird.

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    I was making up an excuse to post this? No excuse! I like the background. Very not WB

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    I've been putting off going back to the dentist because 1 DENTIST 2 covid Now my teeth hurt. Danmit.

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    Made it thru the work day without hitting anyone! Not convinced this is a good thing. Like, I need one of those dry erase boards This Worker Has…

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