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Still processing

I got back from a conference. It was vaguely hellish for me because of the //early// hours, the 15+ hour days, long class times, and the complete lack of private time and space. Do Not Like.

One of the things I think I learned (I'm still processing the week due to the above) is that our political system is pretty badly broken. We've picking people to represent us specifically, who are /supposed/ to then go and work for ALL OF US... and we're picking idiots. We're electing people who vote against bills that they themselves /wrote/ because they'd rather screw over 'the other side'. WTF? Does that make any sense? No it does not. Does it make policial sense? Apparently. AKA = we are screwed. We as a functioning country are disfunctioning. And we elect them again.
We're not going to be represented by educated moderates until we educate ourselves and become moderates. We're too concerned with the color of our state to see the United. If you're happy - you're not paying attention. Same with your neighbor.
Tags: political

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