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Remember that book? Or the movie? Maybe you should.

Let me sum up something. There's this part in it where the hero(?) is running to try to escape the PowersThatBe. He is panicked and running blindly through the city and whenever he gets to an intersection he turns instinctively. When he is finally exhausted and unable to run any longer he turns a corner and there are the PTB - waiting for him. He's horrified. He basically says "How could you know where I would end up? I didn't even know where I was going!"
The PTB are all, "We've been watching you since before you were born. We know exactly how you think and how far you can run and what you are feeling at all times. We shaped you. We //know// you. What you thought were random turnings, we knew which way you would pick each time. There was no need to chase you."

Now. Hello 2011. Hello Facebook. Hello itunes, ipod, tom tom, xbox, dancing with the stars, netflix, amazon, google and anything that 'asks' for our input.
What electronic widgets do you carry every day?
How Known are you?
Seriously, if they don't have a Big Brother /yet/ how far off can it really be with all the information out there? Knowing your customers. Your rivals. It's money. Knowledge is power. Someone wants it. A lot.


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