alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

atheists are out

Past few years I've noticed an increasing societal pressure to communicate and express myself using religious terms. "God". Society wants me to say it, talk about it and otherwise align myself with the belief. Then I am 'safe'. I don't appreciate the pressure to be "one of us", but it does make life easier. I resent it.
I've also noticed a growing trend in the cross motif in fashion. It's freaking everywhere. Hoping this too will pass with the black and white craze.
In other news, my folks brought me to a tag sale for my birthday. (Don't ask.) I picked up a tankard with a gargoyle on it cuz I thought it was cute with his tongue out and fingers in his ears. Apparently he's called "The Refusing To Listen" gargoyle. My folks think this is hysterically appro. Seriously, Dad was crying with laughter.

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