alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

neighbor asshattery

I'm pretty pissed off that the 20-ish, physically capable boy who lives in the next apartment has never shoveled snow here. NEVER. Tonight I'm more ticked off because not only did he stomp the snow on the stairs that lead up to the second floor into a thick sheet of ice, (lazy MF), but he then expected his chinese food delivery kid to run up and down that ice with his order. WTF guy? I know you're not afraid of getting sued because you're broke - but COME ON. Fker. I can only hope his reputation for being a complete f-head spreads through the neighborhood and he NEVER GETS LAID. seriously. I'm sick of being Mom and I'm sick of his stealing my parking spot. Yeah, same jerk.
Tags: rant

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