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citizens waving rights and other things around

Someone at work mentioned that states where you can carry a gun have lower crime rates. I got to thinking that I don't know if that's true. I have been trying to verify. All I can tell you is that it is very hard to find out what 'being able to carry' means. Seems like you have that right in every state. A few cities or districts have laws against carrying. There are also state by state restrictions regarding special areas like court houses and protests.
(I found there is a far greater correlation between population density and violent crime. Is that at all surprising?)

So, what does this mean? Means that the two may not have anything to do with each other. But I can tell you that I am /hard pressed/ to find anything that says a crime, any crime, was stopped by a concerned citizen with a gun. Maybe I'm not googling well enough. Lots of cops with guns doing the job though.

Now here's what I'm thinking. We hire police. We train police. We train police pretty darn well. We train cops when to fire their gun and when not to fire and how to make that decision under stress. We train them to work together. We hold police behavior up to a standard.
You really want Joe Schmoe with a gun out there fighting crime? Thinking he's fighting crime? Zero training? Are video games sufficient training? Because if you're okay with this why are we bothering to train police? Do the words 'innocent bystander' mean nothing? Because no, really, I'd rather be shot by the bad guy over being shot by the Clint-Eastwood-wannabe. Honest. I won't sue a cop, but Clint better watch his arse.

In other news, like senators being shot *shrug*, I have to echo that this is a great time for the nation to step back and take a good hard look at our mutual animosity. See that line? Yeah, let's not cross it, mmmmkay?

Dunno why we're in a bunch about threats from the outside. We gots PLENTY o' homegrown whackos.

Everyone go for a sleigh ride and detox.
Tags: politics, rant

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