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One of those days.

Woke up after hitting the alarm a few too many times. Too late to make it to work. I was going to go. I really was. I called in to say that I'd be late. Then I started thinking well...I'll get a half a point /anyway/ and I do have a personal day left to burn up before the end of the year...
I called back and said I wouldn't be coming in.

Irresponsible? Maybe. Did I get anything done today? Nope. Is my sleep schedule messed up? Yes.

Do I feel guilty? I'll let you know.

On a side note: Tonight's Good Eats show was on Eggnog. Alton was wearing a white button down shirt and a black vest. Sleeves a little rolled up. If I could just get him out of the tie and undo one or two of those top buttons...
Santa, I don't know how good I've been this year but a punch bowl of eggnog, a warm place to retire, and Alton Brown? Dump 3 feet of snow outside so he can't escape. TA EVER SO.

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