alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

What (thing) is your great love?

"I never said he was my greatest love."

Was watching a PBS special on Cirque de Soliel. OMG Aaaaaaaaawesome

Live theater is most probably my favorite thing EVER.
I would rather see (good) live theater than do pretty much anything else. Except maybe being backstage.

Movies, tv, and books after that. Unspecified order. Dreams.

Theater is my great love.

Theater has the ability to use music, dance, spoken word, facial expression, tone, body language, light, color, sets, sound effects, special effects, masses of people, solos, empty stages, even smell - just all of this STUFF to communicate with the audience and yet making a connection is so difficult that it is lightening in a bottle when it happens

and I love it. //Passionately//.

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