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Movies! Admit it!

I have successfully avoided buying any pearls from QVC. *whew* Kinda had me going there. I haven't bought anything from them before, but my mother got me a set of dyed pink pearls from there and I have to admit - they're nice. I'd wear them before my real pearls. Not that I have any place or reason to wear pearls. Pearls to do laundry? I don't think so.

Anyway, Bravo is now showing it's version of the top 100 Funniest movies. I have to tell you - I hate Dumb and Dumber. OMG how I hate that movie.

But I'm reminded that I've a deep,dark movie secret. I like Doctor Detroit.

So fess up. What movie do you like that would shame you out of town? There's no town here. You're safe. List a bunch! Get it out of your system! Fly your freak flag! Share the wealth!

A movie you have probably never seen and is a deep, dark secret Woo! of mine - Jeckyll and Hyde Together Again. Starring the actor who plays the blind guy in Men In Tights? Yeah, I find that way funny. A video store was going out of business and had only maybe 20 movies left on the shelves. I /pounced/ on the chance to own this. Pounced. It is Proof Of Freak.

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