alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

frost in the rain

As I finally push the screens up and pull the storm windows down, as I should have done a day or two ago, I feel the season turn. Damnit. I've been trying to avoid it.
It was an awful summer. I can't recall another so humid that the whole world appeared thickly overcast and foggy for days upon days into weeks into nights. Haze is not supposed to lay upon the land, but should hover in the sky or skim the road. Not like this. The heat was oppressive with the long refusal to break down and rain. Summer started early. Fall may be as short as the spring. The Flu season of barely tepid days and chilling nights. I think it is here. I hate COLD. Coats. Blankets. Sweaters. Heaters. Socks. Always restricted. Hot showers only the turning to try to warm one piece while the rest freezes in the arctic draft. Sore throats. Fluid in my lungs. Sinus headaches that last for more than half the year. No sun. I hate cold. Loathe. It sucks. As I've said before.
I wonder what the leaves will be like.
Tags: weather

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