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A couple other things

I find rude cell phone users to be...rude.
My new strategy for dealing with rude cell phone users in restaurants and the like who are pissing me off is to lean over and yell "Change $500! Sir are you going to be in this hand?"
Your mileage may vary, but close to a casino - this is golden humor.

My current favorite webcam is but I would like them to stop messing with the camera location. Watching the light show at night is very cool.

My parents will be visiting my workplace tomorrow. I'm not pleased. This sucks. My parents have been stressing me out lately over my car and money and ARGH. They suck. They are coming up with my Uncle so I really couldn't put them off. However, a part of me wonders how much of this was his idea and how much was their idea. Hrumph.

I like Christmas. Christmas without my family was pretty damn good. I had stress-free shopping for my friends, my neighbors and coworkers. I decorated the apartment inside AND out. I enjoyed the season. My family sucks the life right out of me. I put up with this because I love my Grandmother. Tick tock, family. Tick tock.

I've noticed the big eventful days are the ones I say that I'll post later about and I haven't gotten around to any of them yet. Maybe when I get the pictures back.

I've been plundering Flickr and Fotki for images. Unfortunately I've just noticed that there's been some problem somewhere and I've now a bunch of images without names so I can't give credit if I make icons. Phooey!

Did anyone go to the 'early bird' sales today? I was thinking about it. Right up to about 2am and then said the hell with it. :)

Hope my friends had a happy turkey day!

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