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Fact #5 about me

I think I'm up to #5

Apparently I read books unlike anyone else I know.

I never start at the beginning. Can't do it. Writers are wasting my time. I always open the book roughly 1/4th of the way in and start there. If nothing catches my interest I'll skip ahead another 30-ish pages to try again. If the writer can not hold my attention by the character's actions then the book gets tossed aside. Authors get bogged down in the set-up. 1/4th of the way in the characters are doing things.
Eventually, if I like the story, I'll fill in the parts I skipped.

Yet my reading comprehension scores have always been tops. Go figure.

Maybe it's like a 007 movie opening. You don't need to know who Bond is or why he's sneaking around or who is shooting at him. You just enjoy the ride until the opening credits.

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