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Most of you know that I've a webcam fixation and can skip this post. Run away!

If you know of any cool cams - let me know!

*edit to include links*

I've a few favorites. Camvista is a Good Thing(tm).
I keep an eye on England and am curious just what the heck they are doing to Lord Nelson on his big stick. While I understand that it is practical to have a corporate sponsor helping to pay to clean and renovate a national landmark - I know I would highly disapprove of having one of MY national landmarks turned into a giant advertising billboard for the duration of renovations. This isn't one of mine and I still gotta say "Milord, that is TACKY". *sad headshake*

I also like checking Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. *fwoosh*

The Alaska volcano cam shows some steam too. *hsst*

The loch ness monster cam is funny. But it crashes my computer.

or if you're bored try a ghost cam. or a UFO cam.

Sunlight! So you'll stop waking people up in other timezones AND you can peek at the clouds.

I used to check the Mount Saint Helen's volcano cam every day. I've fallen out of the habit but it is very interesting as that mountain changes every day. Love it.
pictures here

This isn't a webcam but it IS very cool. World Seismic Monitor. **LUV**

And last is the Minack stage cam. In Cornwall England there is a theater in the most awe inspiring setting. OMG. It is either the most fantastic place for a show or hell on earth designed to torture actors. "We can't hear you!!" Probably both. :)

Ivanhoe is on. I like George Sanders as The Saint, but not that much. Something about him just seems villainous no matter what role he has. Stewart Granger on the other hand seems a decent sort. (Do not shatter my illusion on this.) I don't know why anyone should care what an actor's personality is like off-screen, but we do. I refuse to watch any Woody Allen movies cuz he's a SLEEZEBALL.
Okay, I don't really like Woody Allen movies. LOL

I dunno what this cam is.

Oh! And one day I found a site that allowed you to look at the earth from a loooooong list of satellites. I can't find it again so if you locate it - share the wealth!

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