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I dunno. I won't miss him, that's for sure. In all honesty, I'm pissed off at him. Seriously. So much talent and he blew it. Squandered. Wasted. **** all over it. Pisses me off.
I'm pissed that he allowed enablers to tell him that it is okay to be a freak. You're a grown man. Take responcibility for your life. Your life, not the lives of your circle. You.
I'm pissed at his enablers. A LOT.
I mean, you can see it. There he is, late teens/barely 20, and he's struggling to figure it out. Who he was. Who he would be. The shape and character of the man. He was trying. And he breaks somewhere right there.

It's such a waste.

I am enjoying seeing some of the old videos.

Don't suppose this will post. Don't suppose anyone has asked LJ wtf is up with that. I'm at a friend's place so we'll see.

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