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No one noticed, but my computer is twitchy and won't allow me to post. I'm not sure why I post. I'm at my folks house.

I'm on a planting bender. Bought more plants today. I have no yard and no light in my apartment.
Landlord is still doing construction on the house. At very early hours.
New tenants have ZERO clue on how to park their cars and therefore none on /where/ to park. The drive fits 6 cars. They make it fit 3. Excluding mine. I did mention this to the landlord's son.
Been thinking about my other Grandma. She was a single mom in the time BEFORE divorces, working women, domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. Makes me wonder about her life.
Went lobbying again. Legislators suck.
People at the office SUCK. None of you have ever worked in an office before. I know because otherwise things would get written down and there would be /organization/. Dumb twits. Also, if you don't want to hear (or listen to) what I have to say - Don't ASK.
My coworkers suck.
Lots of things suck...
LJ certainly sucks. I don't know what they changed but trying to even VIEW a page is a total crap shoot.

Definition of Female Frustration: Working out. Eating right. Got slightly smaller measurements. Gained weight. W T F

Oh yeah, and my folks are getting rid of an old Rouleigh (sp?) women's bike. It's british. Road tires. 3 gears. I remember this thing.
I can't go to the giant tag sale of this Martha Stewart town. Dangit. Silk & cashmere for $3. Life hoovers.

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