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Couple few worries scattered about.

1) This morning I was talking to a friend. He has survived surgery and a major infection. "You shouldn't be alive." I did not know that depression was common after such things, but apparently his doctor says it is and I can understand why. All that stress building up while you are trying to be strong and /survive/. Then you get a clean bill of health. Your reason to be strong vanishes and you go to pieces. Makes sense to me.
He said the doctor now has him on xanex which is only effective up to the point of he's not crying all the time now. He's able to go to work, but he's still very depressed.
So I'm thinking of putting together a painting kit for him. He doesn't paint, but it might be good for him. You know, paint, brushes, couple canvas. A Bob Ross lesson or two. I could probably show him. There must be Bob Ross videos out there. Painting worked for Bob. Might work for my friend.

Anyone have any other ideas for something I can do to help this friend?

No, I can't go hang out with him. We both have vehicle issues and he is semi-broken up with his girlfriend (I don't know the details) and I do NOT want either of them thinking I'm competition. No.

2) Work has changed its vacation policy. Yes! Starting this week. Yes! If anyone has more than 160 hours of vacation time as of January 1st - the company will take those hours away and pay $5 an hour. Which rather sucks. Many of the asian employees normally save up time and then take a month off to go back to Asia to visit their family. Not anymore. Plus, the company is totally breaking the employment CONTRACT that we all sign that said they owe us vacations. We worked our hours and they made use of our employment to line their pockets. Now they're yanking away their end of the deal and stealing. WTF.

3) My Uncle is visiting my Gran while my folks are in Florida. My Uncle invited the cousins down from Canada to stay as well. I called tonight to discuss my plans to go visit and he said that MORE people had come to visit this weekend. Friends of my Gran, but still. I just know Mom would be pulling out her hair that all of the people are in her house without her if she knew. Heh. But I worry about all this bustle of activity around my Gran. She gets tired easily. Not that being social is bad for her. No. I also kind of wonder if my Uncle is...afraid of being alone with his own Mother?

4) My folks are down there to clean out my Great Aunt's condo. Cuz she's dead. I worry how my father is handling this. Probably doesn't need Mom stressing about her house. It's unfair that this time doesn't get to be about him.

5) Hey, there will be pictures with the Uncle and kin. I'll be in photographs. I am not photograph ready, much less meeting relatives ready. We have 'family reunions' about as often as cicadas. I'll make a great impression. *eye roll* Yes, this is the last and least of my worries.
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