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Love Potion perfumes

The Love Potion perfumes are vury nice. Two thumbs up. You may try them, yes.

I'm going to add reviews of them as I go. To spite you.

Love Potion - smells like an incense store, softened by vanilla. Vanilla is the primary note, really, but it isn't what I notice first. Pretty good.

Breaking the Ceiling - a sophisticated scent. No single note. Sort of crisp. Suitable for the office. Nice.

Clove Christmas Cookie - More cookie than clove. But it does smell cookie.

Wheat Siren - At first sniff it smells of real perfume and essential oils with a touch of doll perfume. Not that that's a bad thing. I think I have settled on the description as some sort of berry and a dough smell. Cranberry bread? Not re-ordering this one.

Down & Dirty - first impression is apple or pear, myrrh and something I'm not sure I like. Five minutes later and I like it a LOT more. Little spicy, fruity, and woody. Sort of like a head shop incense? Not sure guys will purr but nice enough.

Love Potion, Black - Kind of odd, this one. Has the basic love potion scent, but with the strange effect that on the exhale it smells like...marshmallows? Later it gets a smoke tone to it. Not crazy about it.

Love Potion, Red - Love Potion base with a cinnamon note. Mellows into something with a little spice and then finally into something sweeter. Eh, not bad.

Sultry Afternoon - Blug. It does initially have that 'perfume' smell but I really can not stand this one. I can't place the scent either.

Summer Solstice, 2008 - The apple and pear kind of fruity. Maybe a little melon. Sweet. Soft. Nice. All that being said I probably won't get it again because that not my kind of scent. Nice, but not me.

Autumnal Equinox, 2008 - Okay, I can't really describe this one, but I do like it. Slightly sugary, warm, only a hint of spice. Pleasant.

Winter Solstice, 2009 - Has a tone of chocolate to it. Yet I don't like it. Go figure. I don't think it lasted very long either.

Shady Lady - Nice. Again, smells like incense, but one with a lighter, greenish scent. Agreeable, but know you're going to smell like a head shop or one of those european soaps your Grandmother kept in the linen closet. (At least mine did.)

I Don't Know, But It's Green - Interesting. Smells a bit like tobacco at first. Not smoke, but pipe tobacco. That quickly fades into something maybe with a whiskey note? And then fades a bit more into something less interesting. Not bad, but not a wow.
(I don't know. Maybe my right wrist fades the scents faster than my left does.)

Nakai Nectar - Kind of a melon note, some floral, a little bit of sweet grass.

Sugared Roses - Wow! A rose scent jumped out at me. Rose Rose Rose. However, it is not a single scent. There is another layer and maybe it smells like cupcakes. Or maybe, to your nose, it smells like one of those barbie perfumes from your childhood. I'm leaning towards cupcake but wouldn't dismiss the other if you brought it up. I don't find it unpleasant, but if I were in the market for a rose scent I would look for a purer version from this company.

More later
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