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Full moon.

First frost.

Taking double vitamins and the occasional aspirin. Back kinda hurting and occasional headache/sinus pressure. Maybe I do indeed have allergies. I'm also thinking I'm feeling and sleeping better. Had been getting up early to get to the Ren Fairs and such and that might have helped too. Nice to have a reason to get out of bed.

The heat is on. Thankfully.

A neighbor has put on their Christmas lights. As of 3 weeks ago. On. The really odd part is that the lights are all across the front of the house and each strand is different. Icicle lights. Blinking lights. Colored lights. Plain white ones. Twinkling lights. Bizarre. Maybe it is some sort of family compromise? "Okay, if we can't decide we'll put them ALL up!"

I'm trying Gum-out carburetor cleaner to see if it will fix my car problem. Cheaper than buying a new car. Don't tell my folks. I'll need to buy a new car because I can't find a mechanic willing to work on my car. How insane is that?

One ex is taking seizure/depression meds and experiencing auditory hallucinations. Too many hits to the head or too many drinks or both? Another has had surgery for brain tumors. See? Break up with me and you're wrong in the head. Perhaps the tumors are connected to the reports of excessive anger? I never saw any myself. Apparently he's out of the hospital, but has broken up with his girlfriend which kinda sucks because I thought she was really good for him. But what do I know from the outside?

Trinity Blood is on. :) It's far too short.

Meatloaf is on tour. No one told me.

I'd like to see The Prestige, but it has Hugh Jackman in danger (drowning!) and I'm not sure he survives. I can't take that kind of stress!! He's far too pretty for danger. It's a crime that he hasn't shared those genes. But I am planning to see Happy Feet. I could use a good happy movie.
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