alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

A tricky problem

Already mentioned and bemoaned about the concert with the TWO favorite actors that I can not attend. I'm thinking of getting tickets so that one of my friends can go.

(And I secretly want them to take pictures and get autographs for me and fan in absentia for me. *sigh*) But more as a nice thing to do for them. I can not decide, however, whom I should get the tickets for. They are hideously expensive and I'd have to send two because otherwise it is more of a burden on them than a perk. I could give them to...

A) My actor friend who could really use a little elbow rubbing with some good contacts so he can get more work. There should be some VIPS there. He's worked with one of my Favs before so he could definitely say hi and maybe get backstage with the Names. I'm leaning this way. Keeping in mind that he's not /really/ a friend. I mean, we don't hang out or anything.

B) My friend who ran me all around London, when she really didn't have to, late at night after hours. "No, don't take a taxi, I'll drive." Very nice, especially when I had no idea that gas cost so much in the UK. It wasn't very far, but even 15 minutes out of the way is a long way late at night. It would be a nice thank you.

C) My friend who sends me stuff! She sends DVDs and pictures and keeps me up to date with our Fav actor. I send her a little check or gift ever now and then, but I don't think she's cashed one.

I'm quite torn. I'm kinda hoping that B&C will give into the fandom and get their own tickets. Save me this headache!

It's not as if I don't have additional deserving friends over in the UK. I need to win the lottery and bring them all. Of course should I win the lottery /I/ will be going to the concert and the rest can hang! (No, I'd take people with me if I could.)

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