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I was talking to a nurse at work. She said they have surveillance cameras in hospitals now to watch the patients. Which sounds helpful enough on the surface, but let me point out a couple of things - You're sick and you're on camera 24/7. Who knows what part of you they are looking at. Feel comfortable? The doctor (or whomever) is watching...from another building. Not on the hospital grounds. Could be in a different town or a different state. Why not outsource to India? Or a program. Your life could be the next big video game.
Now imagine you're the nurse. You're on camera too. Want to bend over to get something out from under the bed? Oh, here's the best part, if there is an emergency - you get to listen to the doc in a box argue with the doctor in the room over what to do while the patient is in distress. Whose orders do you listen to?

Freaky world.

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    This was just posted for we employees to see We needed this 20 years ago. Even 2 years ago

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