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Halloween Candy

*sets out a giant bowl of candy*

Candy Corn
Baby Ruth
Three Musketeers
Reeces Cookie Cup
Wax Fangs
Dead Head Lollipop
Gummy Spider
Atomic Sourheads
Almond Joy
Licorice Whip
$100,000 Bar
Hershey Specialty
Gummy Worms
Marshmallow Peep Ghost
Ring Pop
Good n Plenty
Candy Cigarettes
Gumball Eye

*sets out a platter*

Orange Frosting Cupcake
Cup O Dirt With Worms
Carmel Apple

Am I missing any regional specialties? Help yourselves! :)
But don't be greedy. You know what happens to greedy children on Halloween, don't you? All that candy in their tummies eats them from the inside out! Bwahahahahahahahaha

I'm actually a little nervous about what to give out to the kids in my neighborhood. I should probably stick to safe, normal chocolate bars. Chocolate is cool. Not stingy. Bite-sized does not scream of having lots of money. It isn't weird like gumball eyes. It's not as cool as gummy spiders, but some kids may not like those. Halloween is a critical time to build a positive relationship with the neighborhood kids. You know, those noisy smaller humans who spend a LOT more time with your yard and your car than you ever will? The ones who are rapidly growing towards bored, destructive teenagehood? This is your chance to get "who gives good candy" tagged onto whatever else they call you and it only comes around once a year. I'm already That Weird Cat Lady. Who Gives Good Candy would make a nice addition to the title.

I wonder if kids still collect for UNICEF.
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