September 1st, 2021


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I hate people
I hate people
I HATE people

Sitting here, just trying to have dinner when the lady at the table next to me turns her head and coughs. Doesnt cover nothing.
I fight with myself to be polite and understanding & not embarass her by moving away.
Couple minutes, she does it again. O.O
I put my mask on.
Couple more minutes...yes, she does!
FUCK YOU BITCH!!!!! *caves her skull in with a chair*

(In my head. Which is where her fucking covid germs now are. BITCH)


kiss of fire

Aero? I thought you might like this one

See, I was wondering images and was paused by

"Hugh Laurie can dance?" O.o
Well not entirely, as one can see in the pose. But it sent mevto youtube and his version of "Kiss of Fire". It is a tango.

Which is fine until (imho) he starts singing. He's a pretty good musician but his voice has style limits. Imho.

After a few more dead ends on singers for this song, which I find I liked, I stopped at Louie Armstrong

Less tango but nice vocal, thank you Louie.

I shall continue to quest for the right singer for this tango. You may join me or No. :)
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