August 27th, 2021


COVID still killing

Woke up to this news. One of our state troopers has died from Covid. He never got vaccinated.

I tell my coworker & he asks, "What town was it?"
"I dont know. It's in the paper."
"Oh, state paper. Not local guy then."

Here's the thing - I'm so INFURIATED by people constantly seeking EXCUSES!!!
Not my town
Not my age
Not my job
Not my... So NOT ME???????


Edit: telling the trooper news to coworker, she answered with news of a different coworker died as well.


(no subject)

Animal rescue team & their animals were turned away from Kabul airport.

Look, I love animals? However, No, any space on any airplane leaving goes to humans right now. Period.

After we get all the people out /then/ we will may have seats availab?e for stray dogs.

If you want to stay behind with the animals that's your decision.

Honestly though, you guys need to turn the whole project over to locals, let them take over looking after the animals while you get yourselves the heck out.

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Hrm. I could
Go see my actor's latest movie in a real theatre?
It's only 2 hrs away.
It is 2 hrs away.
Not bloosy likely to have a bunch of people lined up for a subtitled Hindi movie so prob have the whole place to myself.
Unless they decide not to run it for one person.
He is hidden behind a thick fake beard, glasses & winter hat.