July 11th, 2021


Birds 🐦

Yeah, I was going to post something way more fun but that link is broken and here we are. :/

Songbirds of MANY species are dying en masse in the North East. Jays, robins, cardinals, etc. Scientists do not know why.

They are asking people to wash down all bird feeders & birdbaths with a 10% bleach solution and even to take them down completely to stop the spread of whatever the deadly thing is. Until they know more.

Birds need to social distance too. How weird is that?
No gathering in groups & wash your feet & beak!

Needless to say, wash your hands after touching any feeder. Report any dead or ill birds. Dispose of any dead birds very carefully.

"In late May, bird mortalities were reported in the Washington, D.C., area, as well as Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky, Brittingham noted. In June, there were additional reports from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. In Pennsylvania, most of the cases have occurred in the southeast region of the state..."

Star Boys in spaaaace

Ok, silly post

Star Boys!
3 South Indian Boys In Spaaaaaaaaaace!

Just utterly silly home-movie goofing around. I love the duct tape uniforms & crumpled tinfoil construction on the control panel in Episode 1.

Episode 1, you ask? Oh, there are more.

Yeah, sure, this is probably not your cup of tea. I grok. But if you want to watch 3 guys writing, filming,cand "starring" in their own space show on a no-string budget...eh why not?

Wait, are they Indian? Yes. You've cracked my secret code! LOL

(((( Their ship is named Yemma Watson! ))))