July 1st, 2021


Me-again quit The View

Note: She doesnt actually /leave/ for another month. Hold off on the dance gifs.

To those who are /attempting/ to narrative that the ratings will suffer without her? I stopped watching because she WAS there. She is not "drama". She is unworthy.

Writing & reading & critics

I shall cite the sources in a bit but meanwhile...

"The delineation between paranoid and reparative readings originated in 1995, with influential critic Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. A paranoid reading focuses on what’s wrong or problematic about a work of art. A reparative reading seeks out what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art, even if the work is flawed. Importantly, a reparative reading also tends to consider what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art for someone who isn’t the reader."

This that I quote was shared by shittysoup in the discussion on cancel culture & how critics leap before they look

From a discussion on ONTD....

"A sci-fi writer got meta about gender. The internet responded by ruining her life..."

Specifically I share this quote for the writers I know who get pelted by critics who speak first & read later maybe?

But I am finding the discussion around the short story in question interesting...


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What it says on the tin


Or on the tin can? Caught this in the news this morning:

"Black is Beautiful” beer raises awareness and money for social justice foundations 36-year-old Marcus Baskerville from San Antonio crafted a beer called 'Black is Beautiful' that has gone ...

Brewer Marcus

He created the stout, which from reviews is super nommy, and is sharing the recipe online for other brewers who may wish to join this cause.

He also sharing the logo & advertising. He's cool as long as a portion of the profits goes to the cause...

I am amplifying :)

I dont drink but I like his idea