June 19th, 2021



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Snuggling and cuddling and loving and protecting and safeguarding and claiming, all rolled into one. There is an element of intimacy, earnestness and ownership in this Welsh word (recently adopted into the OED) that the closest English equivalents, "cuddle", "snuggle" and "hug" lack.

A cwtch creates a private safe place in a room or in two peoples hearts. Cwtching is strong affection made manifest and can apply to lovers, or a parent and child. It is also possible to give a respected associate a non-romantic cwtch. In that scenario, a cwtch would be a heartfelt hug.


- a loving cuddle (= an act of holding someone in your arms), especially one that makes someone feel very happy and safe:
'Some days, there’s nothing I’d like more in this world than a cwtch from my grandmother.'

- A cupboard or small space
'A cwtch is a place to keep things safe.'

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