May 3rd, 2021


Bling bling! Avon calling

The continued adventures of da bling. I find sparkle soothing.

I really like the barefoot sandal. Might have to get. If I can find the perfect one? Lots of /almost/ perfect!

And the gladiator thing, if you've got the legs. Yes, I like bling. ;)

I've seen blinged garters. I kinda prefer this.

Um...k. If you are Angelina

Now you are trying too hard

That's just my opinion!

If you want to shock yourself check out 'body jewelry chains' or some search varient thereof. And they are not work safe.


Have you seen a flip ring? I have one somewhere. Neilo.

One color stone or design on one side & then you can flip them over for a different look. Two in one!

Prob because they move and have a surprising secret.

And I'm very indecisive? Flip! Flipflip!