April 10th, 2021



Mask on wrong & pointless?
Mask hovering over draggy beard & pointless?
Face shield & no mask?
Mask hanging off ear?
Zero social distance?
Taking your mask off to sneeze?
Variants more than doubled in 4 days & surging?
Win the lottery?

C"When are you taking all the barriers down?"
Me"Did you get your shot?"
Me"There ya go"

Now I want to know!

Things that I have to ponder because I live with my brain.
Kong vs Godzilla
Godzilla hits Kong with his fire breath
Or is it lightning breath?
Kong is uneffected
By lightning? He is tall so he prob gets hit alot. Unless the trees do.
How tall are the trees on Kong Island? Taller than Kong?
Can Kong be bigger than elephant or would gravity get him?
Godzilla is in water, like a blue whale, so he's fine.
Wait, dinosaurs were taller and gravity didnt crush them.
How tall were those trees?
Did dinosaurs get hit by lightning? O.O
Were dinosaurs lightning-proof??
Nah they prob died.
But did they get hit? How would we know? Do we know?

"Do you know what happens when a toad gets hit by lightning?", Storm asked...