March 8th, 2021


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Womens Day
I dont know what else.

LJers what is your favorite salad dressing?

We have a salad bar at work and lately it does not matter how clearly I say, "fat free italian", the person reaches into a bin & holds up a packet that looks exactly like every other packet , "this one?" to which I always nod & smile because I cant see with your fingers wrapped around and there's a line behind me. This week they have yet to get it right. They hand it to me and I drop it on my tray without a glance because at worst I should get regular Italian, right? Nope, French. Okay maybe they heard the F in Fat Free and stopped there? Ceaser /maybe/ from blurred vowel sounds? But Blue Cheese? Where did THAT come from? O.o

I greatly dislike french dressing, btw.

Meant to post a picture of the kitty pin

I'd like to get an elephant pin cuz they are pretty would smack of politics. Which depresses me. :(

Meanwhile: so many movies I lov but do not own.
The Voyages of Sinbad were many but my fav is prob

The Golden Voyage. Had Tom Baker and tremendous special effects, not to mention the special effect of one of my first girl-crushes. Oo I wanted that outfit!

I imprinted on this woman to a degree I still prob dont understand.

I still want to FIT in that outfit! Everything out is very fit indeed. Le sigh. Well, except maybe her arms, imho.

Women's Day

The year has started out with a bit of a boost

This is as close to a pic of the TWO women involved as I can find. Photographers were /seriously/ off their game!

Our VP

Our VP ain't buying your BS

Who are you honoring today?

There are women fighting for fair elections everywhere! For better climate! Equal rights! Justice for women! Go grrls! Persist!

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Anxiety is high today.

I have no garden. I am highly tempted to sneak into other people's yards and plant flowers.

I wonder if you get arrested for things like that?

"Officer, this hydrangea was planted!"