March 6th, 2021


Flitting rainbows

I did not even know hummingbirds used bird baths!

Do you expect hummingbirds in your garden this year?

I heard somewhere that sugar water is not as good as nectar? I dunno. But if it worries you, you can put up a protein feeder instead.

Cuz dey eat fruit flies!

Set in stone my current fixation on statues.

I want this as a garden guardian. Or desktop.

Such tiny terrors


I need a bigger garden

"We havent known each other long, but I just have to say I feel I could terrorize villages with you forever!"

Anyone feeling vury creative?
"Pal Tiya Premium cures stone-hard without firing, has considerable natural strength, and is designed for extreme outdoor conditions."
Youz can make outdoor sculptures
Big or small

(BTW If you dont know this?)

(You make this happen)

The icks of TX

Nevermind TX & Miss opening up - my workplace has reopened MORE. Because we just didnt have enough strangers from all over the planet co-mingling and coughing on each other!


No one is keeping track of our infection rate and if they are? They're certainly not telling anyone! Bad for business dontcha know. They'll fire my arse if I tell anyone.

In related news, kinda: TX? I see you. Trying to open up everything, lift all covid restrictions, chucking masks away
AND trying to say that //migriants// are bringing covid across the border and infecting people??


No. You are infecting yourselves. That's how virus work.
No one coming across the border is any more infectious than your own selves. Or anyone coming in from any other state, come to that since you dont check anyone crossing any state borders. Our country is rift with virus.

You cant screw up your state and then try to point fingers.
No. Full stop.