February 28th, 2021


Good thoughts

Come on, babe! I have faith!


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Dear "conservatives"


Dems are NOT "canceling" The Muppets. Stfu.
And frankly after so many repeated tries on YOUR part to defund Elmo & Big Bird? You can stfu and sit down. YOU.

What is being done is a good critical look at and a decision to not air some very problematic footage. It was a different time. This is a different time.

Case in point, Spike Milligan It's A Small World

No one needs those racist references shown to the next generation much less given Muppet endorcement.
Difeerent. Times.

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Of course he has every right to BE cryptic.
But that one? does seem like a fishing trip.
He has every right to go fishing. As far as that goes.

Scared me!

Still, I forgive him. My preciousssssss.