February 14th, 2021


oh Sugar!

For those that prefer -

Happy Sugar Day!

Do you like conversation hearts?

I actually do. I even like the ones where they didnt line up with the printing press & you have to figure out what it meant to say.
Brought to you by Necco Wafers, one of the least edible candies!
Hard & brittle chalk sugar. mmmmmMmm

There should be a conversation heart thing online where you click & it gives you one of the sayings. I cant find one. With all the silly polling "which are you?" things out there? Crime!

Super Spreader ahoy!

Hey! Welcome to the Super Spreader! Come on inside, take your mask off and party with a couple thousand other complete strangers from all over the country! Laugh, cough and hang all over each other because you're all friends here! Mi Covid et su Covid!

Today was a trainwreck.
I offer a shot off our big bottle of hand sanitizer.
Him, "No way! I was a microbiologist for 30 years and that stuff is the worst idea ever! We need bacteria to keep our imunne system healthy!"
Me, "This is for the virus."
Him, "Covid doesnt kill people. Bad immune systems kill people!"
Me, "No."
Him, "Yes it.."
Me, immediately and repeatedly, "No."

Like, I cant even. Not playing this today. No.

Microbiologist is an Idiot. 30 years wasted. I sure hope you didnt work on anything important.

I dont have to go into how Wrong he is here, right? Good. :>

We were throwing people out all day today for being arses about our covid RULES. Do not argue with our big boss. *toss* All day long. We were super crowded so maybe it was just statistical that it was going on multiple times an hour? More people = more idiots.

I spent 7 hrs today telling the same people "Yes, I understand they are your friend. If they are going to sit here you still need a partition between you. I'm sorry, That is the rule."

One person gets up, customers leap to take unneeded partition down. One person sits down and no one replacez the needed partition.

Over and over and over. What kills me is that I had real difficulty getting this message across to my /supervisors/ whose JOB it is to move these partitions around.
"Two people can not sit here!"
"Oh, yeah."

At 7 hrs I called my supervisor over and informed her that I was DONE with this. You can send someone else to man my post; move me around or send me home but I'm DONE with these people.

They moved me for 20 minutes, then I had to go back for the last 10.

Whether you dont tip me or if you do does not effect this outcome.

Which makes me The Bad Guy.