February 6th, 2021


Thoughts at work


Statistically if you put 100 people in a large room with a big red button and you tell them "if you press the button everyone in the room will die"

18-25% of them will want to press the button


Invisible carousel is out of service at this time

Meanwhile, lookee teeny chameleon!

Pygmy possum!

These exist in part as proof that not /everything/ in Australia is out to kill you. Altho they could.

Death by cute

Which may remember this when it gets bigger

Super. Bowl.

Super bowl sunday!

Do you care?

Let's join some of the betting, shall we? I had no idea we in the states bet on weird side issues like some other countries enjoy.

Who will win Puppy Bowl?

Which coach is going to be caught wearing the mask wrong first?

How many times will the camera cut to Brady's model/wife?

How many of the companies who are currently claiming they are NOT doing super bowl ads because they are doing charity instead - are still going to do super bowl ads for another one of their products? (Think budweiser & bud lite.)

What kinda ratings do you think this thing will get?

Best Snack?