February 4th, 2021


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More coworkers out sick

I mean, honestly it seems like work is vaccinated on one hand & going for natural selection on the other

Why hasnt my state government stepped in?



Dragon ahoy!

My dragon head pin arrived

Excellent choice. Thank you for your feedback!
It is smaller than I expected but quite shiny. Am happy and anxious for new years to get here so I can wear it! Teeny worried that I will wear the gold off, which would be a shame on such a nice bit of bling.

The chinese new years stickers arrived as well. I expected them to fit on the end of a hersheys kiss so size is as expected. Was expecting them on sheets but they are printed on a roll. Eh! I may stick them on individual life saver wrappers. Fruit seems more popular with my chinese coworkers. And cheaper.

Anxious for the holiday to get here! Maybe because I missed christmas and new years this year? Maybe simply because it is a zero stress holiday for me?

Dun care - party!