January 31st, 2021


Fish legs...err, pins.

One fish two fish

Chinese New Year. The chinese word for "fish" sounds just like their word for wealth or some such? 2 fish for twice the good luck!

Fish are cute pins

Lost my mind? yes I have!

I mean, seriously, ALL this could have been calmed with a bit of shopping in RL but the store closed an hour earlier than I expected yesterday so DENIED. No cotton summer shirt dress for me. Hrumph. So I bought a bracelet in faux gold and some weird face serums and I dont know //why// I did that other than I needed to BUY.

Today I hit the links (HA) and bought more bits of jewellry because my order from a couple days ago wont be in until Thursday of next week.


This is pretty, right?

It is. it is pretty. i'm not buying it. not yet.

Giving up the ghosts

Coworker, "Did you see this thing on Wall Street?"
Me, "Yeah, pretty funny!"
C, "Its not funny! The politicians slamming regulation down on the market and closing it!"
M, "No, it wasnt politicians. it was the people who made the apps that shut them off."
C, "Big tech is even worse! they own the politicians! one phone call and politicians do whatever they want!"
M, "No, it wasnt big tech. it was the little apps that allow little people to trade stocks. There are no new regulations.
The big guys can still trade all they want but you & me cant."
C,"Its all the politicians! Ruining the economy in less than a month in office!"

It is difficult to let go of the old enemies, isnt it?

Which means we all need to be careful in our conclusions of cause, hmm?

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Just FYI on the whole Wall Street thing?
If you already know the jist you may skip my stumbling explaining!

So what exactly happened? i dunno. but approximately...

Say a Normal person buys a video game from a store and it cost $100.

Rich person steps in & says, "Can I borrow that for a month and then give it back to you?"

Normal person says Ok. Richy runs to the store & returns the game. They figure that in a month it will be on clearance for $20 because no one wants it. They will then return the game to Normal and /pocket the $80 difference/.
In one month Richy expects the price to go down to $20.

But wait, THIS time other people hear about this and decide to go to the store and buy up ALL of those same games! Now there is no clearance!
Worse yet, now Richy still has to find one of those games! Richy runs to eBay where people are now treating it like Tickle Me Elmo (whatever) and the prices are sky high!
Richy is going to have to pay thousands when they expected to pocket $80. Richy throws a fit.

Because Richy loves to gamble but refuses to lose, because...Rich.