December 25th, 2020


Too tired for this crrrrrrrrrraaaaa...zztmas

I had a post all ready to go. I even previewed it. When I went back LJ loaded up a post from 2 days ago. The preview page still exists & when I refresh it, it pops right back up. But LJ refuses to let me access it or post it. /kmow/ what I'm thinking of you. I'm not writing cuss words today. But you already know.

I dont have the energy to rewrite. Basicly Peace Love Joy and Health to you.

Image dump cut. with gifs!
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Crowd opinion?

Open to all

I want to paint flat wooden xmas ornaments of reindeer with a hawaiian thme

Should i paint the deer with shirts? Sorta...

OR should i paint them as the shirt? Sorta...

I really cant decide!

Same with the snowflakes. Design goig up spokes OR all over design?