December 24th, 2020


Caroling caroling

Ok, as I know you have music on somewhere, tell me The Best version of these songs?

1) Holly Jolly Christmas
2) White Christmas
3) Hallelujah
4) 12 Days of Christmas
5) Deck the Halls
6) Jingle Bells
7) Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Bonus question:
Best movie version of A Christmas Carol? (Scroooooooge)

While we're here What is your favorite holiday book?


(no subject)

My coworkers.

"I dont believe n covid."
"Dude, right here.I just had it."
"Yeah but you're fine."
"Dude, I've been out since November. This is my first day back."
"Yeah, but you're fine."
"Yeah, but you're fine now."


Just the one guy tho.

Edit: I did finish with, "Yes, I'm BLESSED."
"I survived! Lots do not. I am blessed and I know it."