November 28th, 2020


Sari, not sorry

Sari drapint. Just for me. I had NO idea that the sari is really just a very lonnng piece of material and women have to CREATE the dress. Every day! Every freaking day! With tons of fiddly folding and pleating and tucking. Holy crock!

This is the "easy" one

Like, men with kilts? 9 yards of wool? Shut up cuz you don't know! Count your blessings.
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To say nothing of draping & tucking it into poof* a western style dress


I think this charm is cute as a button!

Plus it GLOWS

Should I get it? Very 2020! Or is it /too/ 2020?

Have you started shopping? Are you already done?

Whine alert!

I got popcorn for my mother. An expensive special breed. It explodes the husk off when it pops so there's nothing left to get stuck in your teeth, is the claim. Which is her main complaint with popcorn so I figured score!
She got the package 2 weeks ago, didnt tell me, and hasnt tried it because, "I dont really eat popcorn. It gets stuck in my teeth.". And she will not try it!
Yay family...

It is /exactly/ like her always saying, "Oh I dont like chocolate! I never eat it!" and then gobbles every piece I bring for /me/ and a coy, "Well, it was in the house and I had a little urge to have something sweet."
"You dont like chocolate!"
"I just wanted something sweet."

If I make popcorn for ME you can guess how that ends

Why have I never had kids?? Because I had parents!

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He's sitting at the top of the stairwell. Vaping. Because it is cold out and because he doesnt want to walk all the way down to the outside smoking area - as everyone else must do
And because he doesnt believe in covid.

So everyone else who normally (also breaking the rules)
sits apart in the stairwell taking a quick mask break because they ALSO dont want to walk all he way down to the cafeteria
Now they all have to walk to the cafe just to sit for a minute.

He sits there. Vaping.

Vaping his pot so he can be high on the job.

And I can not stress enough how badly I do NOT want to rat him out.

Neither do I want to spend my break arguing with a literal deadhead why VAPING is yes, WAY more hazzardous to everyone else on the planet VS sitting quietly wirth the mask off, or even eating with the mask off.

You Can Not Smoke Inside. Period. YOU.

Why you gotta be? Why??