November 7th, 2020


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Crap. Add 1 more to People I know who have or had covid or someone in their house has covid.


So far.

And a coworker has the BALLS to try to tell me it isnt serious??
He "Out for 14 days & you're fine!"
Me "Two are dead!"
He *shrug*
He "It effects different people differently"


Seen on car window on drive to work, "the democrats bring the path to HELL"
(I sum up) guys are throwing random people into the fire but that's .....righteous and good? Oh as long as it isnt YOU?

I mean, i see the demonizing of the other team. I see it. I dont know how we move on?

Now that I think of it, what I dont see is the religious wackos who normally blame plague & military deaths on God's wrath at liberals? Where are they?

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I need time to process

And why is there a russian account in my friend feed? At least I think it is russian. A tank? Perhaps a gift? A salute? On sale now, hurry before we run out?

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I dunno.

Okay, first I dunno what is up with the tank. No one else got that? I thought it must be LJ wide thing?

But for the real news - I just can't. I'm a little relieved? I guess? but it just feels like step one of a very ardeous journey and I'm exhausted. I don't trust it. I just can't. We left logic and reason behind 4 years ago. I see no reason to believe it isn't going to continue. UNPRECIDENTED


I'll tell you this though, I'm ready to answer the first stupid question I saw hit the news - "what are we going to call Kamala's husband?"
Or the less formal, "Married to Awesome"