November 5th, 2020



`I shall sit here,' he said, `on and off, for days and days.'

We knew it would take some time. We knew it would be weird, we just didnt know which parts would be weird.

Everybody settle down!

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Wood not

There's a tree in my parents' yard that I have never liked. From the moment I first looked at it I knew in an instant to never trust it. You can see it from anywhere in the front yard. You can not not see it from my bedroom. I've always wanted it taken down but they wouldnt hear of it. Years and years and years. Just staring in hostility at that tree.
It got some lichen now and Mother decided it "just isnt pretty any longer". The tree has just been taken down.

I want to know if there's a body under there.
They'd never tell me.

Like, I want to go DIG and see for myself is how much I have never trusted this tree! It would explain so much. A tree where there should not be a tree.

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*skreeeeeeeeech LOL*

Omg Cookie Monster singing
"Hey, Me just met you
And this is crazy
But you have cookie
So share it maybe?"
A full music video of lyrics!
Too funny. :D

I love Cookie.

In other news, this

In other, other news Comedy Wildlife Photography has announced the 2020 winners
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