November 1st, 2020


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Damn it! Somebody posted something very useful & wise about not worrying if we dont know the electio results right away and now I cant find the post!

Pretty sure I replied. Pretty sure it was a dumb reply but you know me

EDIT : FOUND IT! It was Sparky! I knew that. :D

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The heat is not on. Yet. I have faith and a portable heater.

Ooo SHERPA LOVE. It is warm and fluffffffy. I believe the care is //no heat//. Cold water wash, delicate, and air tumble dry with /no/ fabric softener either.

Tomorrow I hope to have more packages to pick up. Self presents!

Which would be nice cuz I feel pretty rough.

For Halloween I painted my nails white and then used the edge of a piece of paper to scratch & smear bits of darkest-red polish over the white on my pinkie & ring finger. Very pleased with the fresh blood spatter effect! Subtle yet eye-catching.

In past editions I mentioned a roommate put up this clock
And I was the only one who could look at it and go, "it's a little after ten. Why do you ask?"
Of course afterwards it did make checking my watch a headache!

Strange days indeed. Most peculiar.
Drugs & sex & booze & video tapes. I did not squander my youth. It was the stuff after that.