September 12th, 2020



Just No.

Leave me alone.

Go Away!

You are f-ing ruining my f-ing zen has this feature which is supposed to show you "similair image"

Pretty good!

My Day

Rant, but a quick one

I want to wear jewelry again. I want to wear perfume again. I want a haircut again.

And I really want them to STOP asking idiot questions like, "It's a hoax. Do you know anyone with covid?!"

You heard of Tom Hanks! There's one.
12 of babyhands secret service members. Pence's assistant. That idiot congressman who thought it would be funny to wear a gas mask into Congress to mock wearing masks. Governers, mayors, sherrifs, church leaders, celebrities, musicians, health care workers...
You know almost 1,300 employees at one meat packing plant and 4 died. The government is giving that company the biggest fine they can - $13,000.


So if you /still/ dont know anyone? Be grateful! And you obviously dont personally know any healthcare workers. But yes, I'm willing to bet THEY exist. Outside of you...

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Had dinner. Ok, coworker was talking to me, got on a roll & took her mask off as she stood over my table talking to me...After she left I moped about my tainted food before going to get a second dinner. Fortunately no one argued.
Me am fed.

Food is my only stress relief now. So I look like this

Want to make something of it??? Come over so I can slap you

Bring me, Solo! Mah ha ha ha ha