August 31st, 2020


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I tried for a good 10 minutes, while doing my job with other customers, to get my supervisor's attention because a different customer needed something from the supervisor. Nadda. He's staring off into space.
My break person comes and I explain why we need the supervisor & "go get him."
"That's not my job."


"No. Go. Get. Him."

What do I hear the supervisor answer?
"I'm only here for 20 minutes. It is not my job."



If you hear about somebody having a meltdown...


(no subject)

My cable company does this weird rhing where if I dont pay my bill on time I suddenly get a bunch of new channels? Then when I pay my bill they suddenly go away.
Second time this happened I called & asked if I could get switched to this expanded selection? But they said they could not possibly, no way to do it, /unless/ they sent a service guy over to adjust my cable box.
Nooooo. I am looking right AT Disney while speaking to you. It is 100% possible, liar liar pants on fire. Simply DONT change anything and charge me more $$. I, your steady customer for 20 years await, holding my credit card at the ready....
No? Then no, I'll pass. Liars.

It is like 4th or 5th time now. I'm trying to play fair & not watch the other channels but last night I did watch a little Food Network. "Carnival Eats" shows you how those amazing treats are made. Usually deep fried & loaded with sugar. While the host plays cheerleader. "Oh yes! Did you just put more sugar on that? This is amazing! First the crunch and then the creaminess...". Etc etc

The show will be on the air until his arteries clog over. So...2 seasons?

Hawaiian pizza Mac & Cheese sounded pretty easy & good. Fry up ham & pineapple until crispy edges & then use it to top your best mac& cheese.

Carnival treats you can make at home sounds dangerous, doesnt it? Pecan pie on a stick...

Best Thing I Ever Ate is another show. Red Potato pizza I could maybe do. Pizza dough, sour cream as the sauce, slices of red potato laid down, topped with broccoli & bacon bits.