August 16th, 2020



The power has gone out at work. I think we are on generators.
I think...

I think...

I think the air conditioning might be off?

Which would be /interesting/ as it is the weekend, we're super crowded and that is our ventilation system

Before you say Get Out! That's not really an option.

Hrm. Interesting. Times

Cat dancing

I happen to be sitting near a dance bar. Music is thumping

Dancing in the moonlight, everybody's feeling warm & right,...

I got a blank page, babe. & i'll write your name...

Cut for the gifsCollapse )

Ka Boom goes the dynamite

I am normally lax, or accomidating as to your point of view?, about enforcing some rules at work. You cant be talking on your phone in some areas for example. But I allow a space of time to tell the other petson, "i cant talk right now. I'll call you back."
And right now we have social distance /even if you know the person/. Even if you are related you can not be in the same little plastic partition together. It is policy.
But if spouse or whomever comes over to check in how you're doing? I allow a space of time for that. Like, a minute or two I feel is reasonable but I keep an eye.

Today one guy left & came back and was checking in on his friend. I didnt say anything. Them I felt the space of reasonable time had expired and he was getting far too comfortable being there. So I motioned for him to step back. Instead he did the "I know him" thing. I nodded and motioned him back again "You cant be there". He does the "i know him! There's no problem!" And he moves closer in....
I wave my arms flat out NO and shout loudly above the din, "I CAM MOT HAVE TWO PEOPLE HERE!!"

Which apparently came out very angry sounding...


Which made the customer get all angry.

One of my bosses was at my elbow instantly to tell the customer to calm down.
I realized he was in a twist at being shouted at so I apologized, i didmt mean to shout but i didnt think he'd heard me?
Boss told me not to apologize.
Customer stormed off.

Which to be honest? I'm fine with that. I really did not mean to shout angry. But he refused my request to follow social distance policy several times....

And I AM a powder keg of stress of late.

I was totally angry.

Just a little kaboom, right?