August 10th, 2020



This morning "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood came on the radio. I was struck by how often I have heard snippets but it seems like FOREVER since I've heard the full song.
"When you wanna go to it..."

I've forgotten why this came to mind

Wait! I remember. I was thinking it was pretty lucky that my young days friends were into drugs that slooooooow you down. Just pot & booze. Or I wouldnt have had many friends. Frankly, they struggled to cope with just those. But coulda been worse! Lurv of my life was a crackhead. Can't win them all.

Actually, Snoopy, I feel sorry for people who /won't/ dance. I mean, really!

I am exhausted. I'm the ONLY ONE who wipes things down with disinfectant. I use my break time to wipe down the door handles, the time clock, the counters that everyone leans on, the pens that everyone uses, the elevator buttons...
I'm exhausted!
I'm frustrated as HELL that every 15 minutes the pre-recorded voice comes on proudly announcing how "we keep everything clean and sanitary because your health and safety are our number one priority!"
I'm exhausted and frustrated that I really seem to be the ONLY ONE who reminds customers to wear their mask when I'm walking past. On my break! Number one priority?

And truly The Most Frustrating is that IF my efforts to stop the virus DO work and people dont get sick? They will hold it up as some kind of "proof" that there never was any threat so they were right to act like selfish ****ing death slobs and that /I/ was STUPID to try to stop them.


I'm now going to hide in some 80s movies...

Oh! BTW, I saw TWO mohawk haircuts today. Two! It /is/ coming back. O.o

And I got bored enough to skip to the end of the Miss Fisher movie & I was correct on the bad guy. Reason? "BECAUSE BAD WRITERS" and a little bit of having watched a boatload of mystery programs. Little bit.

I do not regret purchasing the movie because I like the series enough to /want/ to support the effort. I own all seasons on DVDs. However I kinda regret -watching- the movie for as long as I did...

C'est le gar


I don't want you to think I didnt notice or worse didnt care about the -massive- explosion in Lebanon.

It is almost too cruel to comprehend, this level of....

Government failure? Can it even be called that? Disregard for the safety of the public?

All I can say is that my heart breaks for those effected. I send sympathy and love to the people.

Cats, the other thing the internet is for

I really want to post about my actor but...I mean, I just adore him and that's the cut to the chase.

Btw, happy birthday Lord Krishna! :)

I really miss my cats sometimes

I miss petting their ears down so they look like a 52 bomber pilot. Kinda like this. Super pet!

When you're sick of Grumpy Cat getting all the attention but your cat isnt interested

Just not feeling it

B u y c a t n i p ...

Buy catnip? Hey, I bought the last round!

Same day shipping? Hell yeah!