August 8th, 2020


Cough cough


Now LJ is not eating my post but it does think I want to repost the last post again, despite my clicking "no"


Anyway! You guys are all wrong and the olympic cat curling is awesome


LJ is being extra weird today

Why is this in the top of the tab listed as
(3)post blah blah blah?


(3)Entries feed

(3)persons journal

WTF? Anyone know? Any ideas??

Mullet seeds

K, nobody can read my posts so this is just for me

Maybe your hair salon isnt open
Maybe you've been DIYing everything for months
Maybe you are fed up with hair getting caught in your mask or poking your eyes

I worry this hairstyle making a comeback

Dont do it, man! Just dont!

This is better

You know why he's never had a pet? His cat would be so much better at being a jerk.

Learn something new!

Why (3) ? WTF? I've closed everything down, shut the device off & it still does it! O.o