July 29th, 2020


Sing it, Mel brooks

I'm having anxiety right now. I mean, usually when like the paper towel machine is unresponsive and I slam it with my fist in a flare of anger - I kinda know I have underlying anxiety? But this is just sitting on the surface. Irritating.
I decided to cancel my hair appointment at the very last minute. I mean, I showed up for it & paid for the haircut because it isnt fair to them if I suddenly cancel? But I did not get a haircut.
I dont know why that would stress me?
No, it is something else. Prob work, even though I have 2 whole days off this week! Yay!
I'm just anxious. Restlessly unnerved. Feel.that things are unsettled. Hey, that's the fight or flight or freeze thing, isnt it? Well, I dont have an answer.

And I cant shop! No retail therapy! Damn, this sucks. All my normal secondhand shops, no offense, I'm NOT going into. Cant shop online. If it aint at Walmart I'm SOL

I'm very anxious.

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A moment to reflect upon my gratitude to have a job when others do not, even with the stress. I am NOT a "you're lucky to even have a job" type. Hell to the NO. Risk is unacceptable, bosses, if you are not willing to take it on yourself.
The extra unemployment $$$ is sucked up by paying for health insurance. Ya know?

Enough about me.
For sweetie, i post this again.

And this because Yes! medics are awesome


Everyone else...
Wear a mask



You catch it from healthy-looking people who dont know they have caught it. Which one are you?

sidenote: if you can get a cat into this thing? You dont need this thing to give the cat a pill

Just saying

Aie! Alley Cat! I remember that instrumental song. :/ Danish writer passed away