July 16th, 2020


How I start my day

Kill the virus!
Kill the virus!
Kill the virus, kill it right nooooow!

With my wipes & sanitizer!

Wipes and sanitizer!

Kill the Virus! Die! Die! Ya hahahahaha

See? And then people STOP trying to tell you it is all pointless, etc
And they back away! Simple!

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Earlier this week, my sick actor shared a post for healthcare workers in Hindi and then the english translation which I bring to you

"Pristine white their layered dress,
dedicated to serve they be,
god like incarnations they,
companions of the sufferer they,
erased they their ego have,
to us they have embraced in care,
they be the divine destination,
they fly the flags of humanity," wrote Big B.

He's such a sweetie


He's apparently doing ok, but it breaks my heart to think that he looks tired in his hospital photo. I know he only posted it so his fans wouldnt worry TOO much.
He often breaks my heart with his eyes. That's part of what I admire in his skill

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Yesterday I found a teeny praying mantis on one of my outdoor plants. Hard to find it in my photo

Kinda looked like this

I brought him/her downstairs to my neighbor's tomato plants since she tells me she only does organic & has something eating the leaves.
Mantis for the win!

Share the wealth and the Tshirts

I havent seen a mantis in years. Wonder what it means?

Speaking of which - Do you follow any superstitions? I mean, you dont have to believe them but do you like not step on sidewalk cracks? Avoid walking under ladders? Knock on wood?

Why DO humans throw valuables into water? Wishing wells, fountains, etc. It is kind of universal


The Georgia gov just mandated that people in his state CAN NOT mandate that you must wear a mask


Dude. WTF?

Apologize to Styxx,
"You're fooling yourself if you don't believe it!
You're kidding yourself if you don't believe it!
Why must you be such a stupid, dumb man...?"



Say, I do feel better!

Ok though, conspiracy hats on? Good, try this one for size - babyhands is actively /trying/ to do crazy bat**** stuff so that states WILL defy the president. This way if a Dem gets in the Repub states will have a "past practices" excuse to do whatever they want. And frankly, whomever is in charge, if states and locals start doing whatever they want that is pretty much chaos and hey Putin drinking shots!

Just saying...