June 22nd, 2020


Politics for a min

Okay, here's the thing - I havent commented much on current events because it is perhaps not my place to say and y'all should know my mind by now, right?

First off allow me to repeat a line that is not mine but it is awesome.

"BECAUSE all lives matter, Black lives matter."

Now, you know Hitler Babyhands is not my favorite person. He's cruel, selfish to the point of WTF and dumber than I can truly grasp. So are his cult.

Democrats make me want to taser them with their "Joe hasnt spoken directly to ME on ALL my issues so he hasnt EARNED my vote!" Yeah, you LeftyLoser? But Babyhands voting directly AGAINST your causes earned your allowing him to keep voting against them? O.o
WTF is wrong with you???
Stop being a snowflake. The body Politics isnt /exactly/ /squarely/ where you want it at this exact moment? Move it! Push! But for Gawds sake at least start it from a point where you have a /chance/ to roll from.
Sitting on your hands is not "warrior" of you. Get off your keyboard and VOTE. ORGANIZE. DONATE. DO F-ING SOMETHING.
You dont vote? You dont get a say in anything. You arent counted then you dont count. Period.

*wipewipewipe* *headdesk* *wipewipe* *smashotherswithdesk* *wipewipewipe*

See? You dont need me to bang on about all this.

For the birds

I have to rush home & wash my uniform. My 6 day work week is this side of the week, not the other as I had been thinking.
But first,
I have mentioned we have birds flying around inside at work? Well not so much since the shutdown closed all the restaurants & theres no one left to feed them.
THEre's been on sparrow in the back stairwell past couple days. Naturally we've been convinced it flew in by accident & is trapped so people are tossing bread, crackers, whatever.
If I could catch it I would. Dumb birds do not belong inside buildings or cement stairwells. It ticks me off. Dumb bird.
This doesnt mean I dont toss it food like everyone else. It is trapped & I dont want it to die. Even as I tell myself that if no one fed it it would TRY to go outside.
Today I relented further & chased down a cup, filled it with water & placed it out for the bird. This took almost an hour after work, btw, because the restaurants are still closed. Cups are hard to come by.
The stairwell has 2 different staircases, like a dna strand. I went down one & back up the other and put the cup down. The bird looked at it. I backed down a flight of steps & looked at the bird. It looked at me. I went around tp the other staircase & looked from there. The bird flew down one set of stairs & then hopped out of view around the corner. I followed and it flew a little further down. At the bottom of the 4 story set of stairs are the doors to the outside.
"You want to go outside? Ok, I'll let you out."
I followed the bird who hopped along until I caught up and flew when I did catch up. Repeat repeat repeat all the way down. At the bottom I opened the door but the dumb bird flew into the other stairwell nstead. I went to see where it went and saw the other set of doors were already propped open by a chair.
Stupid bird can leave any time it wants and it knows it!!!

Dumb bird!

I had to admit it was kind of it to tell me. I did thank it for that.